The film raked in over $15m (£9.6m) and was downloaded more than two million times as of 27 December.

The film, about a fictional American plot to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, was initially halted from being released by the studio.

It angered North Korea and was behind a wide scale cyber attack on the studio.

The hack from a group calling itself the Guardians of Peace led to the leaking of confidential information including upcoming movie scripts, confidential emails and actors' salaries.

Sony halted the release after unspecified threats of attacks against cinemas.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) later said its investigation into the hacking attack pointed the finger at North Korea. The country denied involvement, but described the hack as a "righteous deed".

Sony said in a statement on Sunday that the movie was made available in the US and Canada through Google services YouTube and Play, Microsoft's Xbox Video and its dedicated website in HD versions for 48-hour rental at $5.99 and for purchase at $14.99.

There was also a "strong turnout" for the movie's limited theatre release, after major US chains backed out of screening it.

Sony's move to cancel the film's release had garnered criticism in the US including from President Barack Obama, who said it meant freedom of expression was under threat.

Fill a pan with 2 litres of water, and add the chicken. Heat until parboiled, then remove the chicken and place on a roasting tray, using some of the surface oil from the boiled water to baste the chicken. Do not discard the boiled water. Roast the chicken at 180C/350F.

Cut the roasted chicken into serving portion-size pieces.

Finely chop the onions and fry in more of the surface oil from the boiled chicken for 6 to 7 minutes. Transfer them to a mixing bowl and smooth to a paste with a hand blender. Add the onion paste to the rest of the boiled chicken water.

Grind the walnuts finely and mix with the coriander, fenugreek, marigold, cinnamon and cloves

Crush the red pepper, garlic and salt in a pestle and mortar, before adding this mix and the vinegar to the walnut mix.

Gradually add the rest of the boiled chicken water to the mixture until it has a smooth consistency.

Hold the sieve over the pot used for boiling the chicken and pour the mixture through, discarding any large particles left in the sieve.

Add the chicken pieces to the mix and bring it to boil, before removing from the heat.

A neighbour heard the 45-year-old screaming for help and called rescuers.

Firefighters then managed to pull the woman out of the hole, which had partially filled with water.

Amazingly she was unharmed by her fall but told medical staff that she had to tread water for 20 minutes while waiting for help.

"The issue is the hole in the ground is only 500 (centimetres) wide but it actually opens up very big inside so there was nothing for her to grab onto to try and get herself out," explained local fire official Paul Carrigg.

"Every time she put her hands up, the dirt disappeared. So, there was nothing she could do to help herself.

"She's extremely lucky person, there's no doubt about that."
Local council engineers blamed an old well for the collapse.

Sinkholes, or dolines, often take thousands of years to form and vary hugely in size.

The deepest is China's Xiaozhai Tienkeng at 2172ft (662m). The Qattara Depression in Egypt is roughly 50 miles (80km) by 75 miles (121km) in surface size.

But often sinkholes can be only a few metres in diameter.

They are often caused by acidic water dissolving a layer of rock underneath the ground.